Resource ideas for Writers

Cool idea about putting together a library of reference books on writing

Tom Benson - Creative

Who might benefit from this post?

Anyone who writes poetry, flash fiction, short stories, novels, articles, letters … well, you get the idea. If fellow readers and writers respond, we will all benefit.


Why am I initiating this now?

I haven’t done a writing course. I learned through experience how to build my collection of resource, or reference books, and I’d like to help other writers by suggesting a simple list of books. It may be that some writers don’t feel they need them all, but having a proposed selection is always a good thing. After reading this post, you might like to join the team; let’s work together and help each other to succeed.

What is it about?

It’s about resource, or reference. Yes, of course we can all use the Internet. How about that occasion when the link is down, or you want to be away from…

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3 responses to “Resource ideas for Writers

  1. Tom

    Hi Veronica. Many thanks for the like, follow, and of course the re-blog. I genuinely believe we must support each other in an industry that still has so many ‘closed doors’.
    You’ll be on my Blogroll as soon as I can catch up. LOL.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Veronica.

  3. Already seen and re-blogged this. I agree it’s a great idea…

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